Sunday, February 05, 2006

Neutral Ground and refs?!?!?!

HA! What a disturbing game. Last year when McNabb threw passes right into the arms of the Patriots, I decided that football was probably rigged. This year, I have no doubt. The calls on this game were insane!!! I am not even talking about "Was Rothlisberg over the goal line?". Who cares, they probably would have got the TD on the 4th down. But the holding calls, the personal foul on Hasselbeck, WTF??? The Seahawks were robbed of not one but two TD's. Totally flipping insane. Every game has some questionable calls, but they are not usually all on the same team and they are "questionable" not totally effing obvious. I guess because they could see the handprint on Hasselbeck's jersey, they had to overturn the lousy call of fumble. Holy crap am I pissed. I don't even really like either team, though I was rooting for the Seahawks, I didn't really care either way. Even the Steelers fans I was with thought the calls were atrocious. The sportscasters Madden and Michaels actually said several times how bad the calls were. What is happening to football??? Ahhh, OK, I am done.

On another note, why did they kill Thomas J in the movie My Girl? I watched it tonight and sobbed.