Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mommy Blog take 1

Being pregnant is just weird. I have not really had any morning sickness, but I do get crappy feeling in the evenings from 6-8:30 or so. I always have just a strange feeling in my stomach though. My first doctors appointment is not until the 17th! That is just mean and torturous. I cannot wait that long!!! When I go, I will be pretty much through the first trimester! I quit smoking, drinking, soda, caffeine, geez, you are no allowed to have any fun during this. The smoking thing was surprisingly easy, the only time I miss it is on my breaks at work. I mean what do you do if not smoke on breaks?!?!?! The whole time we were trying, I wanted a boy and Chris wanted a girl. Now we have both switched. Honestly, neither of us really cares, we are just super excited. Chris is a little paranoid. He looks up everything on the computer, and seriously, anything you look up is not safe to do while pregnant. He wants me in a bubble drinking OJ, Milk, Water, and eating fruits and vegetables. OK, I am done.