Friday, March 17, 2006


I finally had my first Dr's appointment. It wasn't really a dr's appointment, it was a nurses appointment. She asked 8,000 questions and sent me for blood work. They seriously just took all of my blood. 8 giant tubes!!! What in God's name do they need 8 tubes for??? I hate needles, I am such a wuss, how I am I going to make it through this?

Chris asks a million questions. He is funny. He worries constantly, even more than I do. He is getting a little better. At least he doesn't look up every food ingredient, so I am eating normally. Next appointment is 4-5. They say I will be able to hear the heartbeat at that appointment. WOW! That is so exciting.

I really want to ramble on about more ridiculousness at work, but I will refrain from it. I will say that the president of the corporation wants to strive to be one of the 100 greatest places to work, so you can imagine the things I have to say after the presentation we had yesterday. :)


Heidi said...

oh, I can imagine what you had to say after that presentation alright... ;)

it does seem like they want to bleed you dry the first few times you go to the dr's when you're pregnant, doesn't it? sheesh, they're regular vampires.

I think it's cute how chris is acting about your pregnancy. he's going to be a great Daddy. all protective of you and the munchkin. very sweet! :)