Monday, July 03, 2006

Slacking Again

I have recently seen things that made me want to blog, I just don't have the patience to sit down and do it. First my husband sent me this photo. It is a urinal at his work. You know they put this sticker on there for a reason. YUCK!!!

While we were in NYC for the day I saw a street performer (is that what they are called?) and he had a sign around his neck that said tell me off for $2. I loved it. That is my job in a nutshell.

I also saw a man trying to pick up a woman down the street from my house. He was waving a $10 bill to her. The girl appeared to be around 18 or so and was walking with another girl about that age and several kids. The scary thing is even with the kids, she really did like she was trying to find a man.

Chris is interviewing all over and has been offered jobs, but none here. If it were not for the baby, moving would be doable, but if we move, we would not have 24 hour baby care when needed it at no cost and no worry. So to move, unless they want to pay us an unreasonably large amount of money, seems pointless.

I am horribly moody and bitchy and FAT! Holy crap FAT. In a matter of a few weeks, my stomach has tripled in size. Everyone kept saying you don't even look pregnant. Now they say WOW, and you are not do until October huh. Not that I am complaining, just updating...

We finished watching Six Feet Under a few weeks ago. I could not have posted on this before now for anything. The ending just blew me away. I watched it 3 times. The first two times, I was crying too hard to even know what was going on. It was just incredible, I think this show is in my top 5 all time TV shows ever. The whole series was just incredible.

We also went to see Superman last night. It is not really my kind of thing, but I went with minimal bitching since I was so pleasantly surprised with King Kong and Batman Returns, but this movie just did not work for me. I cannot even really say why, I just did not like it. Of course because I did not like it, it was almost 3 hours long! UGH!