Friday, July 14, 2006

What a night

I have to fast for twelve hours, I am not even allowed to have water. I started fasting at around 9 PM, I was hoping to fall right asleep, and amazingly I did. Then at around 1AM, our wonderful trailer park neighbors that I previously mentioned with the loud noise and pot started playing their music so loud it made me almost jump right out of bed.

First I slammed a door and knocked on the wall, I heard the girl tell her brother to turn the music down, he did for about 30 seconds, then turned it up louder.

Next, my husband went next door and asked them to turn it down, the 130 lb brother pushed my 250 lb husband and said no. Chris of course being a responsible adult/teacher looking for a job turned and walked away. Of course, I would have behaved like a raving lunatic so it is good he went over. When he got back to the house, the guy turned the music up louder and started pounding on the wall.

Of course, next, we called the cops. The cops came, heard the music just as the guy must have realized they were here, because he turned it down, the cops talked to them and the music was turned down.

About 1 1/2 later, Chris's phone rang it was the cops, they were back. Chris went downstairs and the cop and the neighbor mom were standing outside. The cop then informed my husband that the neighbor slashed all four of his tires. The mom stated that she would pay for them, but that she doesn't have the money right now!!?!?!? Then she offered to give Chris her car to use tomorrow. Yeah, like that makes it all better.

It is all like a bad dream, I cannot believe that I am not living in a trailer park or something. I mean this is just insane!!!