Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I am so looking forward to the new Earl and The Office on Thursday. They keep playing the previews and Dwight was on Ellen today.

I also now understand what all my callers at the UCCI complained about when calling us. I sent a check in for my Cobra over two weeks ago, and it is still not updated. I called Cobra and she was like umm yeah, it can take awhile... Umm yeah, I don't have $100 for all 10 prescriptions I need filled. Her response was well you can be reimbursed.... Thanks. So I filled one of the prescriptions and screw the rest, I mean do I really need the pre natal vitamins anyhow??

I also had a drs appointment today. The resident was feeling around for the head and informed me that it felt small. I am not sure if I should be rejoicing about easy labor or offended that she said my baby had a small head?!? It is kind of surprising, because Chris and I both have pretty huge heads. She is probably just new and wanted to say something encouraging...