Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mostly un baby

First, can you name the man to the left? (Answer at the bottom)

Only Sophie part. SHE SMILED! It was so sweet! Hopefully soon I will be able to capture a photo.

I went shopping today. When I am in the mood to shop, I don't mind the Christmas crowd, I actually like it. I like the excited kids and all the frantic people. I don't mind the long lines, they are prime for people watching. What I do mind, is the idiots who will sit in their cars in the middle of an aisle waiting for someone to leave. I mean they will do this even if two spaces away there are 10 more spaces. I actually waited 6 minutes for some guy to move, and there were a line of people behind me waiting for this guy. I guess I could see it if it was a handicap spot and there were no other ones, but seriously this parking spot was already in the middle of nowhere and there were literally 10 more just two spots away.

Last weekend at my moms, I was watching a music station with my niece. The same niece who said that Janis Joplin had a crappy voice and couldn't sing. While watching the videos, a Poison song came on. Poison she knew and didn't hate like she does Janis, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. Poison is the new "classic". WOW.

Now, the picture. I realize the picture is tacky and gross, but hey what can I say. It is a picture of the man who played Sloth on the Goonies. His name is John Matuszak. He was also a football player, and died in 1989 from heart failure related to drugs. Chris and I were watching the Goonies and we were wandering if Chunk ever played in anything else and then saw Sloth's name and wanted to see a picture of him not looking like Sloth, needless to say, we will never look at Sloth the same way.