Friday, December 01, 2006

6 weeks at home

We are still surviving at week 6. She is doing much better overnight. She usually goes to sleep around 2AM and then sleeps until about 8AM. This week she made her first trip out of Pennsylvania, even though it was New Jersey, it counts. I have learned this week that it takes way longer to read a book than it used to and that travelling only is WAY harder, even when it is only a three hour trip. Sophie loves it when I talk to her in weird voices, and it is really fun to be able to practice my Irish and Indian accent, and talking with a lisp. She also loves when I sing to her, even though I cannot carry a tune and usually sing dumb 80's songs like Unskinny Bop and Hold on Loosely. I also now understand why moms cut their hair short. She really latches on.

I went for my six week check up Thursday and was told that I am fine. Sophie also had an ultrasound yesterday for a clicking noise in her hips, she is also fine. The doctor said it is normal to hear that in smaller babies. The radio station played The Unforgiven on my way home from the doctors. I have not heard anything off of that album since like 1995, so I dug out the album. I still like it.

I dropped my cell phone in the sink today. I went to Verizon and spent $70 on a Zac Morris phone. It is huge! I have to call Verizon and they will send me my replacement phone. The rude girl at the Cell phone store said I could return my big phone within 30 days if I get a replacement phone.