Friday, November 24, 2006

Week 5

Week five at home was pretty uneventful. I was thinking I would have no exciting firsts to talk about. As though Sophie could sense it, she gave me something to talk about. Tonight, she had what I can only call a power poop. She actually pooped from the obvious part clear to her head. Yes, that is right, poop on her head! How does this happen?!?! I have heard others talk about this, but just did not think she had it in her. DAMN!

Other than that all is well. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner thanks to my sister in law Julie. We also had a mini Thanksgiving on Wednesday at my moms for the leftovers. My dad and brother were not there which was a little sad and weird. They took a job in Colorado. They will be home around Christmas time. My dad works away like this fairly often, but my brother not so much. I think he will make it a week or two and be home. He cannot be away from his girls for that long. Chris's parents arrived today. They are staying until Tuesday morning. We are going to visit Chris's aunts while they are here.

Instead of the usual Sophie picture, I have chose this one for obvious reasons. Twisted Sister has a Christmas album. How wonderful.... Ahahaha! Love it!


Dawn said...

my mom talks about me doing a poop like this often...and i mean, doing a poop like that when i was a baby of course...not last week or anything.