Friday, April 13, 2007

SC trip

Chris and I went to South Carolina for Easter. His parents were supposed to come visit us, but his mom had to have surgery on her knee so we went there. This is the first time ever that I did not spend Easter with my family. I mean we usually have to go to two Easter dinners, but to be 11 hours away from my family sucked. Sophie was able to wear her Dolly dress that Chris's parents got me at my shower. She was not at all pleased with the lace and decided if this was how Easter was going to be, she'd prefer to skip it.

On to the trip. When we got to Anderson, we passed my favorite place of all time. It is a garage/church. There are at least 20 - 30 broke down and very rusted cars in the parking lot and on a lot of them there were painted messages like One way Jesus. The building is pretty much split in half, half where they work on cars and the other half they worship. The church side has more spray painted stuff crosses and more messages, the auto body shop has old signs hanging on it. There is are two signs in front of the place one about oil changes and one about worship times. Chris's parents don't really see the humor so we were not able to go to the services and sadly, I was not able to get a picture, but will try again next trip.

Next, in South Carolina, they do not have car inspections. I thought this was pretty neat until a car pulled in next to us at the cracker barrel and was missing a hood!!! Umm, maybe it is me, but that cannot be safe right???

I did amazingly manage to find a radio station that was not christian or country, it was actually really good so I felt the need to mention it. It is 93.3 The Planet. It was very 1992. They of course had to throw in an occasional new song about pants around the knees, but for the most part it was Nirvana, Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam etc. It reminded me a lot of high school. I liked it a lot. So if you are sick of the CD's you brought and in the Charlotte NC - Anderson SC area try to listen to it, it is fun.

And finally of course I must bitch about drivers. I get more annoyed with drivers than anything else in the world. The ride down and most of the way back was OK, but somewhere in VA, this asshole was behind me (I was behind at least 10 cars) all moving around 75ish mph. This ass felt the need to try to get around me, of course there was very little room in the non passing lane so he was not even completely around me when he started coming back over! I had to break so he could move one car length ahead. Why? What is the point of this kind of driving? I hate people who tailgate, so I always leave at least a car length and a half ahead of me and the next car, but then dicks like this ruin it.

So anyhow, we are home now and I can finally after 6 nights without it play WOW. I decided to write this first because if I would not have, I never would have wrote it because I would of course be playing.


Dawn said...

Sophie is so cute in her Easter dress! you know, i used to hate when my mom would make me wear easter dresses and such...but kids look so cute in them!