Friday, May 18, 2007


For Mother's day me, mom, and Sophie took a mini vacation to Massanutten Resort in Mcgaheysville, VA. We went antiquing in the Shenandoah valley. The resort was beautiful, we had a two bedroom unit with a full kitchen and two bathrooms. It also had a jacuzzi that was bigger than my bathroom. We saw a very new baby deer who could hardly walk, it was very Bambi'ish. I hate to say it, but after the first antique place we went to, I had had enough. The store was the size of a grocery store and literally piled to the ceiling with junk. I didn't buy anything since my house is piled to the ceiling with junk.

I will say again that southerners are just plain weird. I saw a woman talking about how tragic it was about Jerry Falwell dying, then noticed that all the flags were flying at half mast for the weirdo! I also saw a bumper sticker that said CAUTION: Unsocialized home schooled children on board!!! It is not enough that you are home schooling, but to advertise it!!!

Soprano Spoiler: What the hell?!?!? It is like they are trying to make us HATE Tony and it is working. I cannot believe that he killed Christopher!!! I was just in shock the whole rest of the show, I have to watch it again to see what else happened, cause it is a blur after that. I will say though that this season is way better than last, not as good as the first few, but better.

And finally, how come I have not heard anyone talking about the movie Running with Scissors? I loved it. If you have not watched it, please do and let me know what you think.