Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I will start with Libby decision, shocking right? What a freaking joke. Happy Independence day! I am sure it will be terribly hard for him to come up with the $250,000 fine. Who's ready to move to Canada?

Ok, on to things that don't make me want to leave the country. Sophie's bottom two teeth are now completely through and visible when she smiles. She is constantly playing with them, either with her tongue or fingers, so it is next to impossible to get a picture of them.

Something is wrong with my van, it is overheating. The garage thinks it is a cracked head gasket. Oh happy day!! Chris is also having similar problems with his car, but his only overheats when he is stuck in traffic or idling for more than a few minutes, so we ar
e going to get my car fixed, then wait a few more weeks to worry about his.

I am terribly excited about the Order of the Phoenix movie in just six days and even more excited about the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows in 17 days. I am anxious and worried about poor Harry. The end of the last book when Dumbledore died (if you didn't read it yet, that is your problem) actually made solemn and sad for like two weeks! The only characters I like more than Dumbledore are Fred and George, so unless one of them gets *GULP* killed, I don't think I could be more sad.

OK, I guess that is all I have, have a happy Fourth, eat lots of Hot-dogs and drink oodles of beer and discuss the option of moving to Canada....