Friday, October 05, 2007

Janitorial Duties

I was at my desk at work on a call tonight and I heard somebody singing really loud. I looked around, but couldn't see anybody, just hear it. A minute or two later the cleaning lady came into the cubical farm and was singing louder than I have ever sang in my life. She was singing "praying in the name of Jesus." I am happy for her that she is so full of life, but my caller was not so pleased, he kept asking me to repeat myself and then asked me to have the singer shut up. I didn't have the heart to ask her to stop, so I just put my caller on hold?!??!?! Then, a few minutes later, she came back with the vacuum and started vacuuming under the desk I was sitting at!!! She just vacuumed around my feet!

Sophia was standing up in her crib yesterday and when she started to fall down, she grabbed a hold of her mobile and snapped it in half. She was kind of in shock because it was so loud, but then she got over it and started chewing on the broken parts. She can move around the coffee table and her crib very quickly and has been trying to take steps without holding on, but has not been able to yet. Her big one year birthday is coming very quickly. It is amazing to me that a year has already passed. People are right, you do forget things quickly. When I hold my great niece, I am still in shock that Sophie was ever that small. It is kind of sad and makes me sniffle. I have after just 11 months agreed to discuss having another baby. For a long time, the subject actually made me cringe. No plans immediately, but we don't want to wait to long, I would like no more than like 3 years between her and her brother. I am really slacking on her scrapbook and feel guilty. I have so many pictures and just keep putting off getting them developed. My goal is to have it up to date by Christmas.