Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkins Pumpkins every where!

We took Sophie to pick out her first pumpkin today. When we first got there, we tried to sit her down to take a picture and she was scared of them. She latched onto Chris's shirt. When we were leaving the house, I remembered to grab the camera, but not to make sure the battery was in it. Boy was that annoying. So we had to settle for camera phone pics. They are OK, except the one with her and I, that one is pretty crappy because of the sun. She actually ended up picking a gourde shaped like a rattle. When we got home, Simon was scared of the gourde and ended up chewing on it. We got her a pumpkin too, they were terribly expensive. The big ones are $50 a pop!!! Next weekend we are going to carve it and let her help, should be fun.

Uncle Jim got her a portable DVD that goes on the back of the car seat for her birthday. We got one at Toys R Us and when we got home with it, it didn't work, so I took it back and went to Sam's, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. We got her one there. It is kid friendly and has a plastic outside so that when she starts carrying it around, it will be drop proof the first few times.

The big ONE year old party is tomorrow. I cannot believe she is just a few days from a year old. I remember last year at this time vividly. It was not nearly as much fun as this year, I was scared out of my mind and so uncomfortable it hurt to move!

Oh, and another thing people calling their bank are insane! I had a woman on the phone for 45 minutes insisting that we were "Playin wit her money". She was insane, since I am so new and don't want to get fired already, I will not elaborate and risk it! I don't know why I thought banking would be better than insurance, I mean really the reason people were mad at insurance companies, was because we caused them to spend too much money, and now I am dealing with ALL their money. Fun Stuff. It also amazes me to see 25 year olds with accounts totaling over $500,000 grand. I mean for real, how is that even possible?? I really want to say umm yeah, my checking account is $-.79, how in God's name do you have this much, got some tips?