Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week Update sort of

I had to work tonight, on a Saturday. Blah! I am in the mood to go have drinks, but alas we have no babysitter. I really need to befriend one of the sweet old women at my job and convince them to babysit occasionally for us. I think Mindy and Anthony are going to come down next weekend. Hopefully Anthony and Chris won't be too mad if Mindy and I go out and they stay home and babysit...

Sophie is really starting to like her daycare. She starts smiling before we are even in the door. When Chris went to pick her up last week, she cried because she had to leave. Though I still hate dropping her off, at least she likes it.

On Wednesday, I have to go to Philly for work for a "Team Building" thing. At least it is at Dave and Busters and they are buying our food and games, so shouldn't be too painful.

Aside from really enjoying the Robert Plant/country singer CD I have not been doing much of anything, pretty boring existence. I would recommend the CD to everyone. Not really the whole CD, some of it is not great, but "Please read the letter" and a couple of others are really good.