Friday, October 26, 2007

What a week!

Saturday we took Sophie for her first trip to Gettysburg... I have a feeling with her tour guide daddy that it will not be the last trip. We met Adam, Leslie, and beautiful Jules there. We went to the Boyds bear factory and did the corn maze. Jules was a little unsure of the corn maze. It was her idea until we got in there, then she was ready to get out!

I spent two hours at a doctors appointment with Sophie and ended up having to leave before the doctor came in because of work. I think having to wait that long at a pediatricians office sucks. I mean, the shots and stuff are bad enough, but there is nothing for a kid to do while waiting so of course they get cranky. She is two feet eight inches. She is now OVER half as tall as Mindy.

Sophie has had a rough week again. She has a cold and now cries and says "mommy mom mom mommy" every day when I drop her off.

Work has been insane this week. Because of previous issues, I will not go into too much detail, but I will say that I had a guy who used the fuck word more times in our six minute conversation than I have used it in my life, and I swear constantly. He ended the call by telling me I was a lying scumbag bitch! Nice huh? It was without a doubt a full moon this week. I know that sounds ridiculous, but really, it makes a difference. I think somebody should make a sitcom about working in a call center. Kind of office spaceish... I could seriously come up with at least two or three seasons worth of material. Hey, Zach Braff, read my blog, you could make this happen and Scrubs is almost over, you need something to do right!

Today, I got a text message from my mom that said "Zac hurt bad". Zac of course being my nephew. He recently started working on the pipeline with my dad and brother. Something fell on him and he had to be life flighted from the job site. Thankfully and amazingly, he is ok. Nothing but bruises. Of course when we first found out we did not know and it caused a lot of worry and stress. My brother saw it happen and was sure there would be a lot of serious injuries. Then the boss had the audacity to ask my brother why he was leaving???? My dad works about three miles from them on the same job and nobody even told him until 4 hours after the fact! I guess they didn't want another employee to leave.

So, that is my week. Fun, scary, weird, and happy ending...