Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So, let me start by saying both season 1 and 2 of Dexter were really intense and wicked good! I cannot wait for the next season, but really what else can they possibly do?

Next, Chris sent a packet of like 20 resumes out to schools in the Williamsport/State College area. I am torn on which place I want to end up. I guess the Port area. I love living in State College, but we would really be stuck in the same situation if we ended up there.

The biggest reason for moving home is to save the $710 a month for day care. Have I mentioned lately that she is only there a maximum of 40 hours per month... Let me make that easy, that is $17.75 per hour! If we end up in the Port, I can have my parents, brother, nieces, uncle, friends watch her pretty much anytime. Plus we are spending $1000 a month for rent, double what we would pay in the Port. We want to buy a house, but anything under $200 here is pretty much the ghetto, in the Port, $200 can buy you a nice house plus 5 acres.

Sooo, the point of all that is to say that by August we should be home, or at least close by! Woo Hoo!