Monday, January 12, 2009

Losing Control...

I think that I may be losing control in our household. Sophie has most definitely reached the "terrible 2's" and they are everything you ever heard and then some.

The other night we were sitting at the kitchen table with my mother and father in-law having dinner. Soph was eating something and it fell on the floor. Her response was "Holy Crap". I never use the phrase "Holy Crap", so I can only assume she gets that from her father.

The next night at the dinner table while she was eating I told her she had to eat corn and she told me to go sit in my chair. When I said no, she responded with NOW. She has been being punished by having time outs.

Today at the mall, she kept kicking her shoes off and when I would try to put them back on her and she would kick me and insist that Grammy would do it.

This is just a few of the many many many things, but I seem to be a little less in control every day!