Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soph Stuff..

Let me start by saying, how cool is it to have a president who speaks English and does not use made up words and stutter continuously when he can't answer a question! Even if he does nothing else, at least it is not embarrassing to hear him!

Now, on with Soph. Today on the way to the mall, Soph started coughing and threw up... every where! The smell in my car is so overwhelming, it is surprising that the smell did not cause more throwing up. After she did it, she just looked at us and said "what happened?" She did get a new outfit and coat out of it. Perhaps she knew that would happen and that is why she did it?

She apparently wanted a new computer chair too, because instead of running to her room wrapped in a towel after her bath, she ran to the computer chair. When Chris walked in she was standing looking at it and she said "Daddy, I peed right there" and pointed to the computer chair. Ahh yes, the fun we have!

We are having little to no luck on potty training. She was excited about it for a brief time and now she just down right refuses to use the potty. I try to put pull ups on her and she kicks her feet and says no mommy, I don't want big girl pants, I want my diaper. Everything we read and the doctor says that if they are like that you should not try to force them, you should let it go and try again after a few weeks, so that is where we are, but it is a pain because she knows when she has to go. When she has to poop she will run to her room and tell us to leave her alone, then come out and inform us she needs her pants changed. We have tried putting a potty in there for her to use and giving her privacy, but no go. She just won't use the potty.

I change her every night before I go to bed, last night I went in and she had her diaper off, and when she put her pants back on, she put both legs in one hole, so she was just stuck, and not able to move much. Chris said he heard her saying "Oh daddy, I need help" but assumed that she just wanted out of bed which is what she usually needs help with.

One more tidbit, WOW is it fun to work in the ER! Some of the patients are just downright hilarious!! We have a guy who comes in so often, he knows how to answer the questionnaire we have to ask, without hearing the questions, he just comes in, give us his medical record number and says yes, yes, no, yes, January 1986, no, Diabetes etc. It is hilarious. I have seen bones sticking out, an arm that looked like hamburger, gaping holes in skulls, the list is endless.