Monday, April 06, 2009

What a hectic weekend!

So Friday night, Soph and I got home and I was getting ready to give her a bath when the power went out. It was off for about 5 seconds and then flickered, so I assumed it was coming back on. I got up to look out the window to see if anybody had power and saw the flames shooting through the sky and the flames at the top of my trees, and all over my front lawn. Of course my mind goes into overload and I am thinking like oh God, this old house, faulty wiring, it is going to blow! So I am dragging my kid around, putting the dog on his leash (cause why bother saving him if he is just going to run out in the road and get hit...again) all while dialing 911. I tell the 911 operator there are flames in my trees, yard, a loud boom, my address, and she says "what township are you in"? WHAT TOWNSHIP??? I live on a road that has its own exit from the only highway around, figure it out lady! So as my husband is playing in Lewisburg, not answering his phone, I am escaping from the house that I know is about to explode and worrying about the fish that I left to die, I see the tree laying on the wires. Ahhh, this explains the loud explosion and the flames up high (on the wires), sparks falling... It all became clear, and I relaxed a little. I took the dog back in the house when I saw that none of the trees were actually on fire, and realized that the house probably was not going to explode. Soph and I sat on the front porch thinking that someone from the police car, ambulance, 2 firetrucks, or one of the 8 volunteer firefighters would come talk to us and tell us what to expect, ya know, since I did call 911 and they were parked the whole way up my driveway. However, they felt it was not necessary apparently. They got the wire out of the road, talked to all of my other neighbors, sat out there for a good hour and then just left. Thank goodness, PPL was nice enough to have a recorded message for me to advise the power would be on by midnight unless it was harder than expected. Who cares that we don't have HEAT!

Like I didn't already have enough excitement from Friday, on Sunday even more fun! I put Soph down for a nap, then got in the shower to get ready for work. As I am coming out of the bathroom with a towel, Simon starts barking like crazy, I turned to whispering-ly yell at him so Soph didn't wake up and there is a bat flying at my freaking head! Anybody who knows me, know that I am TERRIFIED of bats. So, I of course drop to the floor, crawl to the bedroom while coaxing the dog in, because I am sure that the bat has rabies, I mean why else would it be flying around my house in the day time. I sat down and tried to calm down in the bedroom. Once I regained my composure, I started worrying what if I didn't shut Soph's door and the bat is in her room. So I crawled out of my room (clothed now) and checked her door still shut and somehow quiet. I didn't see the bat, so I am assuming he is hiding somewhere, I looked in all the corners (from the floor) and didn't see him. I got up and ran to the kitchen for my phone to call Chris. While I am on the phone with him still panicking, the bat comes around the corner from the computer room and I run into my bedroom again. Chris came home and played baseball with him and then was kind enough to leave him lie on the sidewalk for me to look at on my way to work.

Now here it is rainy Monday and I am home. Not at the mall like I was supposed to be. SophMoores. I told her if she didn't stop, we would go home and not go to the mall and see the Easter Bunny and ride the Merry Go Round. She slapped me across the face. Now we are home and she is napping. Ahhh Good times!