Friday, March 26, 2010

THAT kid

We went to Ross and Target today. At Ross, there was a kid who whined for a straight 20 minutes "But mommy I neeeed that toy" "Can I have it? Whhhhyyyy?" Then we went to Target and that same kid was throwing a complete and utter hissy fit. It was a loud high pitched screech. I think dogs from 10 miles away were howling in response. Yeah, you're right it was Soph. I finally, at Target took her screaming to the bathroom and I spanked her. Judge me all you want, but I spanked her. It was not hard, it was just enough to get her to pay attention and stop with all the screaming. I told her if she did not stop whining immediately we were going straight home. She stopped. Then we went back out to where my mom was and she went tearing ass to my mom, wrapped her arms around my moms leg, and said "Mommy said we have to go home and she hit me". The woman who was walking behind my mom just stopped and glared at me. It was a proud parent day for me. The entire fit at Target was because she wanted the Barbie that was $39.99. The kid has at least, not exaggerating, 25 Barbies. She finally settled for a cheaper Barbie and then half way through the store decided she wanted Ken. I said I would take her Barbie back and get Ken, she said no, she wanted them both. ARGH! I need a vacation day.

OK, I am done. Whew, is it bedtime yet?