Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another attempt to blog more....

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but it cracked me up...

Soph was excited to go to the library yesterday. So excited she forgot to put her underwear on. Chris told her to go back to her room and put them on. When she came out, they left. While she was running through the library, her undies fell out of her pant leg. Apparently, she just stuffed them down her pants, rather than going through the trouble of taking her pants off to put them on.... Such a proud moment. Last week she somehow managed to ger the Vicks Vapo-rub and her night time lotion off of a shelf. When her door came open, my stuffy nose was completely gone. She had Vicks every where. Hair, Bed, Clothes, Carpet, you name it. It still smells in there. Thank goodness for the night time lotion, at least there is a slight lavender smell on top of the Vicks.

Still cannot find my stinking camera. I am in Ebay misery. I keep getting outbid and it is PISSING me off. Damn you JoeK95484 and your last minute bids!

Health-care anyone? I say finally! As someone who paid well over $1000.00 a month for health-care, I think this is awesome. I keep hearing people say they don't want to have to pay for people who don't work to have health-care. I get that, but bottom line: You already do! What is really sad is the person working at Target 39.5 hours per week, who can't find a full time job so that they can have health-care and makes a tiny bit too much to get an access card is also paying for it. I think this plan is for those people. I work in a hospital, I see how many people are on the welfare health coverage. This plan also says that kids cannot be turned away for a preexisting condition... Thank goodness. I heard on the news some radical conservative was encouraging people to break the windows of Nancy Pelosi and other dems? Really?

Anyhow, off to Ebay!