Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Night Television

I hate that every show I watch is on Sunday nights.  We got through True Blood, Breaking Bad, and Weeds last night.  (Spoilers below)

Breaking Bad was as always incredible.  I missed Hank, but loved Skylars breakdown.  I have disliked Skylar since the beginning, but I actually felt a little bad for her last night.  When Walt told Marie about her affair and made the breakdown her own fault.  Mike is still one of my favorites. I loved Walt Jr. and Walt watching Scarface.  Makes me hope I am wrong about the cancer taking Walt in the end.  An all out Say hello to my little friend scene would be great!

True Blood was as always DUMB.  It is still the show I love to hate.  The scene with Sam and his shifter girlfriend who was Sam was absolutely ridiculous!!  I am curious to know what Bill is up to.  I hope Bill really is going to turn into a bad guy.  That might make him likable.  I doubt it, he will still make himself annoying and needy.  Tara and Pam are mildly entertaining.  Tara has always been my least favorite character, but Pam is helping her. The two of them are the most entertaining for me this season.  I knew Hoyt would not kill Jessica, perhaps that was a little closure for him and we can get over their whole relationship and they can both move on.  Lafayette stole the episode again with his fake seance.  I love him.

Weeds is surprisingly good this season.  Every person in the show is great.  Andy is simply fantastic.  He is so witty and cute.  Doug and Jill is a funny match.  I am sure the threesome will cause some hilarity to ensue. Silas and his new gay "friend" also cracked me up.  I definitely need this show to be an hour.  Just when I really get sucked in it's over!  "Want to smell my fingers"?  Oh Shane!

Will catch up on the Newsroom tonight!