Thursday, August 09, 2012

Wedded Bliss and the Sunday Shows

It was a good week.  An old friend got married on Sunday.  Had a great time at the wedding.  It was great to see some old friends and some new!  The bride and groom headed to Disney World for their honeymoon.  I am pretty sure the main reason for going was to see the Harry Potter World (not that I can blame them).  I have decided that photo booths should be mandatory for all weddings!  No wonder all the kids make the duck face, it is fun! What a great idea!!

On to the shows.   I am completely and utterly hooked on The Newsroom.  Every week, I cry.  I love the silly love stories, the truthfulness, the cast, I love this show.  Aaron Sorkin is truly amazing.  I liked that they added a little more humor to the show this week.  I loved Sloan's fan mail.  I really like her and like that she is getting more stories. I also loved Will stoned. Charlie is still my favorite.  When he told Will and Maggie why he wouldn't air the story early and when he gave the Never Forget speech, I cried. If you are not watching it, what are you waiting for?!?!  

Breaking Bad is still awesome.  I watched it two days ago and have very few memories.  Walt has now become the villain.  Skylar was put in her place.  I can't deny it, I loved it.  If she wasn't such an ass in the first place, things wouldn't have gotten to this place.  I know I am one of the few who feels this way, but I blame her.  I also loved that Walt went back and bought Walt Jr. a car too.  Again, just to stick it to Skyler! I am looking forward to seeing what happens with Mike and Lydia.  They made her too human to kill her.  I also keep forgetting that we know Walt is alive in a year, he was at the diner for his 52.

Weeds was good.  I think Andy needs to have a baby, but I think in the end the baby will be the ex husbands.  Nancy and Silas working together again will be fun.  Shane is finally getting back to his old ways where he should be.  I think the girlfriend of course is going to be the one to find out about the "family".  

True Blood, they brought the stories together.  Now that Russell took Luna's  daughter, Sam will be after the vampires.  Pam and Tara will have to become a part of it because they sent the new king to the bar.  They finished the efreet story with Arlene and Terry.  I was glad to see Terry take care of Patrick.  I still really like Terry.  This show is still ridiculous, and I ask myself every week why I keep watching it.  Though I will continue!