Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 2 of life change complete

Well, we all made it through day 2 of our massive changes.  So far, I can't say anything about the job.  Day 1 was all benefits and movies about harassment, day  2 was passwords and logging on to the systems.  So I still have no clue about the actual job.  I can however log on to the systems to do the job, I guess that is the first step right?

Jackie did pretty good the first day.  He was very happy to see us, but got whiny when we put him in the car.  I think he would like to stay there, but would prefer that we stay there with him.  To be fair, I would prefer that too.  Today, he only went for a half day.  He went to the ENT doctor for a 6 month follow up on his tubes.  Doctor said the ears and tubes look great.  At Chris's insistence, Dr. Bruce agreed to do a hearing test.  That is next Thursday.  I really feel like there is nothing wrong with his hearing, but it will make Chris feel better, so we will do it.

Soph is no longer angry about the before and after school program.  She loves it and never wants to leave.  She made a new friend.  A little boy asked if they could be friends, Soph said sure, then he asked if they could be "best friends".  She is so happy.