Monday, October 29, 2012


I was doing really good for awhile there.  Posting almost weekly.  I am entirely too busy now!  I think of things I want to blog about, but then by the time I get home, I am too tired to do anything!  We have had a hectic couple of weeks.  Sophia turned 6!  We had a small party at the house.  Grammy, Pappy, Gramma, Grandpa, Jessie, Jordan, Mindy, Anthony, Uncle Jim and Judy, Uncle Gene and Aunt Donna were all here.  Sophia also invited Abby, Samantha who lives next door to gram, and her friend from school Mia.  We decided to get a pinata.  I was nervous, but it turned out to be a huge success. 

Gramma and Grandpa stayed for two weeks, so Jackie was lucky enough to stay home with them.  We sent him to school one day each week, just so he would remember it.  

Right now, we are waiting for Hurricane Sandy to arrive.  Wind is blowing, rain is pouring, and everyone else is having power outages.  Fingers crossed that doesn't happen to us.  Chris had off today and already got a call that school was cancelled for tomorrow.  I am jealous.  We were advised work would begin at 8 instead of 7:30.  We were also advised that we would be expected to stay until 4:30.  Of course, I have to be at the ER at 4:30 so that is not going to work.  Atlantic City is getting hammered.  Already over the boardwalk and the storm is still 100 miles out to sea.  It is supposed to pass directly over us.

Spent the weekend shopping in Tannersville.  Got some surprisingly good deals.  I have never heard good things about those outlets, but they had some great sales.   The job is still going about the same.  Still nervous.  I swear I have gotten dumber, stuff just doesn't sink in like it once did.  Hopefully by the time training is over I will be ready. 

I am going to try to continue to update more often.  I am sure with election day nearing, I will have a lot to talk about.  Hopefully celebrating, but I am nervous.  With the impending hurricane, Barry did a press conference today.  One of the idiot reporters asked how Barry thought the hurricane would affect the election.  Barry replied that he was not worried about the election, he was worried about the people.  Of course Faux news felt that was not the right response.  All my republican friends are saying it was all about the election blah blah blah.  The man can do no right.There are even people saying he declared states of emergency in DC, NYC, Jersey, etc. to avoid dealing with stuff.  It makes me crazy.  This is expected to be one of the worst storms in history, and it is all Obamas fault.  He used witch craft or something to make it happen to take attention off of other stuff.  ARGH!