Wednesday, March 27, 2013


With marriage equality in the supreme court right now I feel the need to vent.  I have seen so many bigoted and terrible things posted on Facebook and different sites I visit.  What is with all the hate?  Apparently the religious argument is on it's way out and now the big argument is the "slippery slope" argument.   One of my cousins said "Well, here is my question, what if I want to marry my sister?  or my of age daughter?  Will that be allowed?".  It was hard for me not to call her the names that were rattling through my head, but family blah blah, so I decided to be polite.  I asked her "Do you want to marry your sister, or your daughter?  I don't know anybody who really wants to do that.  I do however know several people who want to marry the love of their life, and have the same rights that you have."  I also might have mentioned, that if she thinks that on the slippery slope to what will come next if she believes that incestuous marriages will be on the rise that maybe we should just ban all marriages, since heterosexual marriages is really what lead us to this place right?  Of course, I got no reply and she deleted her post.

I have said it on here before and I am going to reiterate it again, I just don't see why people care so much?  How is your marriage going to mean less if two men or two women get married?  I hear the child argument a lot, but 3/4 of the people I grew up with only a mom most of the time, and an occasional dad visit every other weekend. 

I will leave it with this, if you don't like or believe in gay marriage, don't get one, or go to one, but don't ruin things for other people who don't share your opinions and beliefs.  I am not begging you to agree with it, but open your eyes a little wider, take 5 minutes and really think about what has you so afraid of gay marriages.  Oh, I I feel pretty safe in saying you are not going to catch "the gay" if gay marriages are allowed, so if that is your only fear...