Thursday, March 21, 2013


     We went to see the Badlees at the Joint over the weekend.  I loved the Badlees in the 90's.  They sounded great even 20 years later.  It was a good time.  I also went to see Bon Jovi a few weeks ago.  Thanks to Shanon for taking me.  I stopped listening to Jovi in about 1996ish, but still love the old stuff.  Just an FYI, don't try to get a cab at the Jordan center after a show.  DOES NOT WORK!  We ended up walking a mile or so until luckily one just happened to pass us. It was only an $8 cab ride, but he got $30.  Best $30 I ever spent.  I was pretty sure we were going to freeze before we got to the car!  Tomorrow I am buying my tickets to see Ben Folds, Guster, and Barenaked Ladies.  After the list I made while bored at work, I decided I need to get out more and see more music.

Hopefully no more pics with snow!
     We have had a rough winter, the kiddos have been sick continuously.  Poor Jackie.  One ear infection after another even with the tubes!  Both kids tested positive for strep last week and now Jackie has developed a reaction to the amoxicillin.  Poor little man swelled up everywhere.  Luckily, it didn't effect (affect?  I'm always wrong on this) his breathing.  Hopefully with spring finally arriving, he will not get sick anymore this year, and by next year maybe he will be at least a little immune.  I hope so anyhow.  My mother had knee replacement surgery three weeks ago.  She is doing really well and already seems to be feeling better.

     Soph still loves school, but seems to be having some issues with a mean girl already.  It is breaking my heart.  She is so sweet and gets her feelings hurt so easily.  I really need to toughen her up.  I think I will send her to my brothers for a few weeks over the summer so he and the girls can toughen her up.  She has a case of Bieber fever right now.  It's a little sad to me after all the time spent with us and all the great music she loved that after 7 months of school, she already forgets who the Beatles are.  Thank goodness summer will be here soon and we can remind her.  I guess if I survived New Kids and Poison, she will survive Bieber...  I hope.

      Still plugging away at work.  I miss my ER.  I think mostly I miss the schedule.  Chris has decided not to do the summer semester this year, so he will get to take my place over the summer and do all the fun stuff with the monsters...  SNIFFLE