Thursday, December 09, 2004


I have been neglecting my blog because I have become addicted to Texas Hold Em'. I am up until 2 or 3 in the morning playing almost EVERY night!!! You have to try it! . I am absolutely terrible; I lose my money within minutes. I now have 5 different accounts, because you can only refill your "play money" twice a day.

So anyhow, I have to fill you all in on the JCPenney fiasco. A manger from the registry department called me last week. She apologized for the rude people I talked to and said that I could take my gift cards to the store and get ones with a pin number so I can use them on-line. For all of my trouble she is sending me a $25 gift certificate (I hope it has a pin number on it). I guess that is enough and I should stop complaining, but I am still a little unhappy with JCPenney. I am not sure what I wanted her to do, but I think I want more. If she had said we fired that horrible nasty woman that you talked to and we are going to give you $100 to spend or something, I may have been happy.

We had our Christmas Luncheon at work today. I got a fondue pot. I sent Mr. C. to the store to buy all the goodies and we had a spicy cheese fondue supper. It was quite tasty.


Deahsella Lynne said...

Luke and Dawn were talking recently about having gone to this all-fondue restaurant in pgh. I have to say my fondue experience is starkly lacking. If we go to pburgh for new year's (which is the discussion these days) perhaps we should check it out. I don't know how expensive it is though!

ShellBug526 said...

We saw one of those all fondue places when we were in Flordia last year. I wanted to try it, but we ran out of time.

Anonymous said...

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