Friday, December 10, 2004

Singin' in the rain....

OK, so Simon is absolutely petrified of the rain. He goes down the steps and as soon as he feels the rain or the wet ground, he turns around and runs back up the steps. He will actually try to stand on two legs under the two-inch awning of the roof. This had led to 4 dumps in the house today (he has not gone in the house for months)!! A few days ago he chewed up a purple foamy hand exerciser. Tonight, I went to pick up a piece of the purple foam, but it was a turd! I was so mad at my little angel!

I got a little hammered this evening. We went to the New Mountain Tavern on 15. I am back on my Bloody Mary kick. Love Sickle (aka lovsicle) was playing. Jimmy from the famous Strawberry Jam and Jacks Farm and Jude are in the band. They are good. They do a lot of the bad 80's music I love.


Deahsella Lynne said...

Ah, Bloody Marys...that sounds like a good post-birthday breakfast! So Jimmy's band, huh? Are they going to play any closer to here anytime?

Poor little Simon, he'd probably melt if the rain hit him.