Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Can't Sleep

When I can't sleep, I play alphabet games and weird things like try to come up with a sentence that uses the same word more than three times ex. (which I am very proud of) I won one one time. Please, if you can think of another share!!!

Anyhow, the point of this post is I also will go through bands, states, capitals etc. Last night while attempting to sleep, I did TV shows.... Do you remember:

Get a Life - Chris Elliot is HILARIOUS!
Head of the Class - Lame I know, but when I was 10 Brian Robbins was really HOT!
Small Wonder - Another really bad one thinking back, but I loved it!!
V - I really watched this just to watch them eat mice.
Mr. Belvedere - I just loved that show.
Otherworld - Does anyone remeber this show? It was about a family lost in like a time warp. They were running away from something. It was very short lived, but I loved it. I don't even think it was on a whole season.

OK, I am done now.


Anonymous said...

I actually got two dvds of get of life for christmas. It rocks.

other world, that is the show about a family that gets into another dimension while on vacation in an egyptian pyramid or something. the other dimension is just like ours except everyone is an android and there is some kind of wierd police state thing going on.

ShellBug526 said...

I am so happy that somebody else has heard of it! YAY!

Almostgrace said...

They sure made some winners back then! Small Wonder...Oh man.

Here are a few more: Out of this World, Just the 10 of Us, Our House, Benson and Amen. Personally, I was obsessed with Silver Spoons.

ShellBug526 said...

Silver Spoons was another one I thought of and forgot to put on there!! I too loved that one!

Funky Fresh Freddie said...

I usually obsess online, or write poetry.

I lay in bed hungry,
and stoned,
so very stoned,
my Xbox calls,
absorbs my soul,
my stomach growls,
and I reply,
chill out!
just one more level...

ShellBug526 said...

I got a poem! YAY! Thanks!

Charlotte said...

Try 'Super Text Twist' from :) I play it when I can't sleep... which is often, I am now addicted! It gives you the letters and you have to make as many words as possible..
-Sharing the boredom with you