Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More work stuff

Fianlly, I am all settled in to my new desk on the second floor. It bites, I don't have a window and sit next to two of the most annoying people I have ever met.

Today, the not so bright girl I previously quoted amused us all again. She kept telling an office assistant that she couldn't help her and that she had to get the information from our automated system. She did not however ask the OA what she wanted, or she would have known that the information was not available on our automated system. The OA got so annoyed that she hung up on her. My wonderfully professional representative called her back and said that it was very rude of her to hang up and that it causes the rep taking the call a lot of grief. Obviously, this pissed the OA off so she called back and wanted a supervisor. Since she is my rep, I am stuck with asking her about this. She said "oh, I always call them back when they hang up on me, you mean I shouldn't do that". I was speechless. I just said no and walked away.


Raven the Pagan said...

Doesn't it suck working for the mentally challenged. :)

Obsconder said...

it's a little confusing, i don't understand the structure of your organization, or your exact relation to either of the people mentioned. But it's still easy to recognize that the person is an idiot and I can think of/compare them to people I have encounter at jobs I've had. Oh well... I guess you can always hope maybe the annoying people will be fired?

Heidi said...

LOL I'm sorry for laughing b/c I'm sure it was frustrating for you to deal with your rep, but I can't help it. Sometimes people not only need to be hung up on, but to be told off in no uncertain terms and then be hung up on! LOL I commend the OA for handling it appropriately. If I had been in her shoes, I might not have handled it so well! ;)