Thursday, April 07, 2005

Super Dog

Harley went home so we have been sucking up to Simon since he got in so much trouble for picking on Harley. We bought him a new frisbee like toy. We were teaching him to play catch and we were so proud, he was catching the frisbee in his mouth. Then last night, he shocked the hell out of us by standing on two legs and catching the frisbee in his two front paws. We are so proud. I tried to get a picture, but it is too fast. I will continue trying to catch it on film so everyone can see Super Dog! ;)


Raven the Pagan said...

Oh Shell why didn't you tell me you have my blog linked. Your like the second one today that this has happened. Now I'm on the total guilt trip. LOL Just kidding I'll get you linked today. Peace Out

Luke said...

I'm kinda surprised simon can stand still long enough to learn anything ;)
I wish to someday own a dog. Until then, I will continue to envy you guys.

ShellBug526 said...

No problem Raven and you are true Luke, it is hard to believe Simon is still enough to learn anything. We usually give him an hour or three after we get home to "unwind", then try to get him to do things for treats and what not. I must say it is really fun to have a dog. I was a little skeptical when Chris kept saying he wanted one, but now, I couldn't imagine not having him come running to greet me and pee on my foot. :)