Sunday, August 21, 2005

Puppy Love

My friends Mindy and “Anthony” came over tonight. We used to always call him Erv so it is hard to remember he prefers “Anthony” now. I usually alternate or call him Eranthony. He never gives me crap about it, but I think he wants to. When you know somebody for over 5 years there should be a rule that they cannot decide they no longer like their name. Anyhow, my dog was quite smitten with him. It started out they were playing catch, then it turned into something more. Simon (the dog) started licking his legs, then got up and started licking his face. Then, out of the blue he started humping his leg!!! Simon NEVER does this. When “Anthony” would get up, Simon would like latch on to his leg while he walked humping him the whole time. It was bizarre, I didn’t really know what to do, I was laughing too hard to correct him and he never does it to anybody else, so I just let him go. “Anthony” didn’t seem to mind… It was weird though.

I have another scented poem from the stalker to put on, but I am too tired to do it tonight, so I will add it tomorrow.

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Vixen said...

LOL very funny! This happened to me once, so I know how Anthony feels.

Heidi said...

my mom's little yorkie used to put on quite a performance for my friends when they were hanging out at my house... she'd go into my closet and find a shoe... then, she'd hump it all the way into the living room making me turn red in embarrassment while my friends rolled on the floor with laughter!