Thursday, September 22, 2005

Advertising / Ad Space Me and my brother at Disney

This is flipping NUTS!!! They are trying to make it sound like it is OK by saying that a percentage of the proceeds goes to the Red Cross, but no, it is not ok!!!


My name is DJ, I'm the big guy on the left and the little guy is my brother Zach.

Our Grandma promised she was going to take us to Disney put she moved and can't take us now. We still want to go!

Our parents said they are sad because of all those people that lost everything due that lady Katrina..we don't know her but she sounds real mean. Our mommy is nicer!

Daddy says if you bid on this or his other auction where he loses his mind and sits on the roof during a hurricane he will give money to charity..another nice lady!!

I told my mommy and daddy that if someone bids enough money on our auctions that me and Zachy want to take a bunch of the kids that were hit by that mean lady Katrina, to Disney world with us. Did we mention we would bring their mommies and daddies too?? As long as the bidding is high enough for us to afford!

For your bids you will recieve advertising on me and snacky (he does eat alot) from the time of auction end to mean ole Grandmas birthday in May.

Your ad will be seen on my whole family at Disney, Epcot, MGM, Bush Gardens, Moroso Speedway, Mets Spring Training, Daytona for bike week and spring break. Once again, only if the bidding is high enough for us to go to all of these places!!!

I also talked mommy into advertising on her car and daddy's truck

(We all know who wears the pants here)

If you want daddy to tattoo your name/slogan/ad/logo on his body somewhere then bid high and I will ask mommy to tell him he has to.

I want to thank everyone for looking at our auction. Now I will give the keyboard to daddy so he can type really small letters under this..bye bye for now.

"Say bye bye Zachy!!"


As if sitting on roof during a hurricane wasn't enough I have to take double trouble to all the above mentioned events. What have I gotten myself into? Oh well, I love them and would do anything for them so if this is what they want this is what they get. Regardless of which auction gets bids, the boys will get to go to Disney like grandma had promised last year.

(I will tattoo your ad/name/logo/webiste anywhere on my body except on my face or throat if the bidding hit's $5K. All bids are legal binding contracts. I reserve the right to refuse any ads that may be offensive to others. My wife and I will honor everything mentioned above and the whole affair will be caught on tape and pictures which will be given to the highest bidder after each event. I will also set up a website for which the pictures will be posted as well.) All advertising merchandise (i.e. clothing, signs or tattoo's) are to be paid for by the high bidder of the auction.

10% of all proceeds from this auction and 50% of all proceeds from our other large auction go to the Red Cross


Mommy here! I want to let everyone know that if either of our auctions go well, I will be auctioning off Daddy's truck in December. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Hurricane Katrina vicitms & there families that have relocated to Palm Meadows Thoroughbred training facility in Boynton Beach, FL a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

(This is the same group of people that will be going to Disney with us)

DJ and Zach again...

We want to let everyone know that every bidder will get a thank you card that we will make ourselves.


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