Monday, November 21, 2005


Yesterday, Chris and I were at my parents. My uncle came down and he had a VHS with him. I didn't really pay attention, he and my mom had just been to a wedding and I assumed it was a video of the wedding. Oh my how wrong I was!!! It was a video of me in 1988. The first part was me walking around the kitchen and my grandmother prodding me to talk. Bad, but not too bad. THEN came the BAD. It was me thinking it was cool to do cartwheels and handstands. After I did the first cartwheel, I decided to be SUPER cool and I took off my coat. That is when it happened, I did a cartwheel and my shirt was over my head. When I landed on my ass, my shirt was up for at least 5 seconds before I realized. So there they were my 10 year old boobies. My husband, mom, and uncle were laughing hysterically as they watched it. I on the other hand was in tears, this is not the kind of thing you want your husband to see for God's sakes. When my uncle was leaving, my mom handed him the tape back and he laughed and said oh no, I made that for you. Now my mom will be showing it to everyone! I cannot wait to have kids so that I can torment them.


Crazy Like A Fox said...

Oh, yes, that's what we parents live for. The opportunity to embarass our children. It's really all we

RagDoll said...

Hey Uncle...KARRRRRR-MAAAA! LOL. I live in fear that one of my relatives will pull the same stunt. I did some pretty lame things growing up. Wait. I still do. Talk about technology backfiring on us.

Anonymous said...

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