Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I guess

It has been awhile since I posted. I am just not feeling creative or motivate anymore. I am thinking this will pass. I will blame it on the pregnancy and work. Pregnancy for obvious reasons and work, just cause I am still pissed that they read my blog and will continue reading it. I hate it. I feel like I am employed by GW and they are spying on me.

Oh well my post tonight is work related. HOWEVER, I got permission from the star of my story to put it on here. Today, one of my favorite colorful reps (read more about her) had a spat with an office person. She started off calm, but you could here her getting louder and louder. First she was saying "no sir, you are wrong, no YOU are wrong". Kinda of like an argument you have with a preschooler, THEN, she lost it she screamed that he was a liar, he is nothing but a liar. Since she sits just outside the bosses office and she was actually yelling, of course the boss heard her and immediately discussed her tone and the things she was saying, but wow it was fantastic. Later, the rep said "Did I really call him a liar? I must have been out of my head at that moment." She rocks.