Friday, November 17, 2006


We made it to a month!! Woo hoo! We are still working on sleeping through the night, but we are getting there. This week, I heard Chris singing to her when he didn't know I could hear him. I have heard him sing in bars, at home, and on CD's, but hearing him sing to her is somehow completely different. I like it. I find myself feeling guilty for getting frustrated with her. I think that it is normal to get frustrated, but I feel awful. She had her first eating in a restaurant experience this week. We took her to Red Robin. Of course the crying started the second we got our food, and then my mom tried to change her in the stroller and of course she peed all over, then I tried to feed her, and she would suck on the bottle, then just open her mouth and let it run down her chin. By the time we left, she was in her third outfit and of course back to sleep without a care in the world. I think we will wait awhile for our next dining out experience.

Good lord
, I have become a mommy blogger! That is all I talk about! I didn't even mention the Hershey outlets (which suck for the record), or the fact that I had an unemployment hearing and my EX employer lied, or all the crap Simon has been doing to regain the "head of household" position he held for the two years prior to Sophie, or the cool double rainbow that went right over the apartment complex we live in! My apologies to the few people who still read this. I am sure that in time this will pass, but all the other stuff seems unimportant in comparison to all the little milestones she reaches. Like did I mention she can hold her head up for over a minute?? Oh, wait back there again.


Camille said...

God, she is so beautiful. Perfect. You guys sound like you are right on point. The restaurant thing is always a crap shoot. It still is for Ava sometimes. I remember a Ruby Tuesdays' incident that was so horrible, we swore to never go to go out with her again. Anyway, it all falls into place. Congrats again! Pretty wild, huh?

Brad said...

I enjoy reading all the Sophie news. Keep it coming.