Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tomorrow is week three at home... WOW. I have read that an infant as young as her cannot be spoiled, but I say that is BS. She has now started crying every time we lay her down. She can be sound asleep while she is being held and when we lay her down within minutes, that ever so familiar wail begins. It is fine during the day, but a little frustrating at night.

We are going to visit my parents for the weekend and tomorrow night, we are leaving her with grammy and heading to the bars for a couple hours.... GULP. I am a little nervous, if it was anybody other than my mom, I would probably wuss out, but I am going to do it. I am going to hang out with the few UCCI people that do not suck. Three of us will be able to laugh at the other because we are no longer enslaved by the company... Should be fun. Oh, and also the Sangria I made Chris get for me was not very good. I mean I know the bottles are not as good as the mixed stuff we had in Mexico and at weddings and restaurants, but I always liked it. Now I have to find a new drink.