Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have this weird useless talent, I can find a four leaf clover pretty much any where (except my parents backyard, I think I found them all from there). I was looking through my yearbook and found a couple that I had stuck in there. Since I was thinking about it, I started looking while I was walking the dog and to my surprise, I found a seven leaf clover. Perhaps this is one of the joys of living next to Three Mile Island. I meant to take a picture of it and post it here, but I stuck it in a book and cannot remember which book. When I find it I will post the picture, it is pretty impressive.

Sophie is spoiled. She will only fall asleep when I am holding her and if I put her down, she cries like the world is ending. I have been trying to lay her on the bed next to me and playing with her until she dozes off, then put her in the crib. She starts to scream the second I lay her down. Tonight I layed in bed next to the crib and sang to her, if I moved at all, her eyes would shoot open. I do believe we are creating a monster.

I read the book Running with Scissors, it was of course better than the movie. I just started reading about Augusten's adult life in Dry. It is also good.