Thursday, July 19, 2007

Grab a life preserver

So, Tuesday morning, I went downstairs, and as I was picking up the mail, I noticed a wet spot. I thought Simon peed. He gets really excited when the mail comes, so I yelled for him, then I started walking out to the dining room and noticed the hall was wet too. When I stepped into the dining room, my foot just sunk into the soaking wet carpet. As I rounded the corner, I saw the kitchen, there was over an inch of water in it. For at least a moment, I just stared at everything in shock, until my feet were so cold from standing on the carpet, I noticed. I thought oh no, Chris left the shower on, but did not see any wet spots on the ceilings or down the wall, the washing machine was not on, the sink was not on, I was clueless. So, I called the office it rang twice, clicked like someone had picked up and then heard a busy signal. I called three times, same thing. I then called Chris at work and got attitude form the secretary for calling him. Even though he has been there for almost a year and never gotten a personal call. His first piece of advice was to call the office, thanks love, glad I called. He said he would come home, so I called the office a couple more times, same thing. I called my mom and bitched to her then called the office again and finally got through to someone. She asked if I was doing laundry??? Yes dumbass, the water is pouring from the machine, so instead of turning it off, I am calling you. Twenty minutes later, the maintenance guy came and said yeah, was afraid that might happen, it was the guy in the townhouse behind us. He left his washer running and went somewhere and the "boot" broke and dumped water all over his place. The carpet people told me they sucked over 150 gallons of water from his place and only 30 from our place. The cleaner had a bit of a mancrush on Chris, he liked his guitar. He was asking Chris all kinds of questions about it and playing and he kept calling him "dude".

The next day, I got a text message from Chris not to go any where because I had a flat tire. Great, stuck in the house all day again.

However, on top of all this and the doctors appointment from hell which is just too graphic to put on here, I am still terribly excited. 2 hours and 18 minutes until the big release. I won't put all of my theories up here, but I will say that I don't think Harry, Ron, or Hermione will dies, but there will be a likable character that will die, as much as I love him and hope I am wrong, I am afraid it will be Hagrid. I also think Snape will die, but I think he will die saving Harry. I am still rooting for Snape, he has to be good. I also hope that we find out why Dumbledore trusted him.

Sorry for the terribly long jibberishy post, but I had a lot to get out here, and so much more that I will save for later.


Brad said...

Water: our greatest ally and our greatest foe. That sucks.