Sunday, July 15, 2007


I had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday night, Chris left work early and we rushed to my moms to drop Sophie off and grab Jessie to go see Harry Potter. We got there 20 minutes before the movie started, so of course had to get crappy seats. The movie (some spoilers ahead): I did not love this movie. DAMMIT. I think there was just too much from the book that the directors had to get in there and it just didn't quite work for me. The movie did not seem to "flow". You didn't get enough time to really get to know any of the new characters. I thought Umbridge was excellent, Helena Bonham Carter was a perfect choice for Bellatrix, and Luna was wonderful. I thought the fight scene at the end was good, but it was way too short. I could not wait to see Dumbledore kick Voldemort's ass, but their fight scene was just pretty much non existent. Sirius's death was too short and Harry just handed the prophecy over to Malfoy! I was glad that they cut out all the house elf crap, and really liked the flirtations with Neville and Luna. I also really liked all the DA stuff. I think I just need to watch it again, I did not love Prisoner of Azkaban the first time I saw it either. Overall, the movie was good, but not the best.

Saturday, Mindy and I agreed to keep the members of a bachelor party alive, by being the DD. She was actually the DD, I was the slightly tipsy co-pilot. They rented a giant van to fit 12 drunks in. We went to Mustang Sally's in Bloom. I cannot even believe the things that happen in that place are legal! I have been to strip clubs before, this was not like them, this was like a porn movie filming. They auctioned these girls off. Not to do what you are thinking, but worse! A man paid $400 to watch two women "pleasure" one another. Everyone got to see, but the "buyer" had a much better view since the girl was lying in his lap while the other one went down on her for about 4 minutes. So, $100 per minute. I don't know what I am more shocked by, the fact that this was happening in a strip club or the fact that somebody paid that much money for this! The same two girls were auctioned off all night. $400 was the highest amount I heard the auctioneer say, but I heard several $200 - $300 winning bids. No really, is that legal???

Today, Sophie's top two teeth are showing through the gums. She is still pretty miserable from them. She also had her first taste of homemade mashed potatoes. She was not impressed at all. She immediately spit them back out.