Thursday, July 12, 2007


The Harry Potter movie has been out for 2 days and I have not seen it yet! This blows! This is the only bad thing about living in Harrisburg, no babysitters. I am hoping Chris can leave work a little early tomorrow so we can get to my parents and drop Sophie off and make it to see it.

Summer is too busy for me, I don't remember the last weekend that I didn't have stuff to do. Most of it is fun stuff, but I really need a lazy weekend. I am thinking I will be able to relax the weekend of August 11th.

We went to a friends for a cookout last weekend, it was fun. Sophie was able to meet some of Chris's friends finally. She seemed to have a bit of a crush on Brad. She would look the other way or put her head down when he was near, but watch his every move when he was not close. This is something new, she usually either likes someone or hates them.

Her bottom two teeth are completely through and visible when she smiles. They are unbelievably sharp! The top gums are swollen now, so I think they will be through soon. She is not overly pleasant when they come through, so it might be a rough few days.