Monday, August 13, 2007

Family Reunion

We had a family reunion over the weekend. It is the first one we have had in at least 10 years. It was weird to go there now that my gram and all her siblings are gone. I remember looking forward to them when I was a kid, they were actually fun. Now, it is just not fun. I had to go spend several hours with people who I hide from when I see them in public. After meeting and greeting, I went and sat in a little circle with the few people I know and watched as each of my grams siblings families did the same thing. Why bother doing it if nobody is going to be sociable? I know the siblings kids (my moms generation), but none of their kids (my generation). In another 20 years, I will not know any of those people. Family reunions will no longer consist of my great grandparents family, it will be just my grams family. I remember when I was little and stayed at my grams a lot, she used to insist I talk to my cousins so we would stay in touch as we got older. Now I barely know any of their names and to be honest, I don't care a lot. I just feel a guilty because of my gram. I think this is a reason to have several kids, that way in 50 years, they will be able to have a reunion with my parents descendants. My brother is doing well, 4 kids will be helpful. Chris and I have to get mating or something....

I guess this is the way it always happens, but it is a little sad.