Tuesday, August 14, 2007


When Chris drove home on Sunday, near Shamokin Dam on Route 15, he started seeing lots of people sitting out on lawn chairs. He thought that there was going to be a parade or something. Then, 20 miles down the road on the four lane highway, he noticed that there were even more people sitting. There were Amish and every thing sitting out there. Chris said they would all jump up and down when he drove by and the people in their cars who were sitting along the road with the lawn chair people would honk. Finally he couldn't stand it since there couldn't possibly be a 50 mile parade, so he stopped and asked. The man he asked replied "We are watching the Nascar trucks go by, ya know race cars". Chris said he said it in a very trailer park way and said it like Chris was the one who was nuts for not knowing this. So hundreds of people were sitting along the side of the road to see not the actual cars, but the trucks that were carrying the cars. Are ya kidding me?!?!? If the actual car was sitting in my driveway, I would not get off the couch to go look.