Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thank God for Public Service Announcements

So on our way to my moms today, we heard a public service commercial. It was about remembering that you should not leave your children in the car in the summer. I remember hearing these before about pets, but children??? One of the suggestions was to put your purse in the back with the kids so that you would notice the kids when you reached for it!!!!! It also stated that you should always leave your windows cracked but with humidity, the car can still become very hot. People really "forget" that the kids are in the back seat??? The commercial said that over 30 children die a year from this. That is just wow, indescribable.

On another low note, I have an interview tomorrow. I have not had an interview for eons, I don't remember how to answer the stupid interview questions. I am sick thinking about Sophie being in a day care. I think I will be able to take a second shift position, so at least she will only have to be in childcare for an hour or two per day. I won't see Chris much, but I think it is better than having her in care for 8 hours a day.

My one high note, Saturday is the big Poison/Ratt concert. Woo Hoo! My niece and I have been watching Bret Michaels Rock of Love show, we hope that the chicks from, the TV show will be at the concert. My niece thinks I should try to meet them, not the band just the chicks. We are rooting for Jes.


Brad said...

I heard or read something about this recently but I can't remember where. Even though it is hard to imagine, even the best of parents can do this, apparently.

Sleep deprivation can be one factor. An factor could be a change to the routine, like a parent that doesn't normally drop a child off at daycare taking the baby for one day.

I know that I once drove halfway home because my mind was working on autopilot when really I just wanted to drive across campus for a meeting.