Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Annoyances and Sophie Stories

Let me start by saying I haven't even gotten to the polls yet. No doubt that I will, but I haven't yet. However, my phone rang 8 times today. At least half of them were the republican party. Seriously do they think calling me with a recorded message is going to get me to change my mind or even go vote if I had not all ready planned on it? At least the democrat calls were real people. Annoying, but at least I could tell them so. The democrats also sent a very cute young man/boy to my house to make sure I had a ride and knew where to go to vote. He could have changed my mind. Also, if you have not already voted, please don't go straight democratic, the last thing we need in office is Rick Mirabito, DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM!

On to Soph, I am sure there will be more to say after I go to the polls, but not yet. Soph has started stripping herself in her crib. The other night I went in to change her diaper and she was completely naked wrapped in her blanket soaked with pee... Mmmm! I am not sure how to get her to stop doing this. We are going to try putting her sleepers on backwards... Next, a much cuter story we took her trick or treating. She was shy at first, but when she realized they were giving her free candy, she was excited and would run to the doors. Because she was so small people thought it was cute and not rude when after she was given the candy she would put her hand up and say "nother one". It worked for her. She made out quite well, she had a bucket overflowing and we only went two blocks. Finally, we were at the mall and Soph saw a midget walking towards us and she started shouting "Hi little boy, how are you little boy" I was so embarrassed the midget also did not look amused.