Friday, November 27, 2009


Black Friday shopping was surprisingly easy and pleasant until the end. We decided to bite the bullet and go to Walmart. It too though busy was not terrible. While waiting in line a woman, two people in front of us was bumming a dime from the people behind her. Then, she let the people behind her in front of her because on her 2nd purchase, her ATM card would not work. So she was now next to us. This gross, very dirty woman who had two kids with her at 4AM, one about 4 months, the other maybe 2 then proceeds to complain to us about how the machines at Walmart always mess her pin up or something like that. Then when she couldn't resolve the issue on her cell phone, she looks at me, a complete stranger mind you and asks me to watch her two very small kids in her cart while she runs to the front of the store to use the ATM. I was shocked. I said umm I guess. So she left for at least 3 to 4 minutes. There were approximately 50 people in our 5 feet of space who were all pushing and shoving and I am standing dumbfounded with dirty kids and no mom. It was unreal. Who does that?!?! I am kind of ashamed of myself now for not saying what the f*&% is wrong with you?!?! All this to save $10.

So anyhow, it is 6am please don't judge me on punctuation, spelling, complete sentences... I am really tired, but felt the need to mention this and remind you don't let your kids with complete strangers! Thank you, and goodnight.