Sunday, November 06, 2011


Chris is playing and my babysitter did not show up, so I did not get to go. Jackie is sick, so it is probably for the best. He has croup. He is not enjoying it one bit. He is up to four teeth and two more just starting to poke through. The two poking through are not helping his mood.

My car took a crap, so I have been working extra hours. I have to say the people who come to the Urgi Center are way worse than the people who used to call the dental insurance. At least the people who called the insurance company worked or had a spouse who worked. People use the ER/Urgi center as a family doc. If they don't have a car, they call an ambulance. Who cares that they only have a paper cut, Access will cover it. Then they expect the hospital to pay for a cab for them to get home. When I only work a day or two a week, it does not irritate me as much.

Sadly, nothing else is happening. We found this article at work the other night. I will finish with it. I am sure people will be lining up for this: